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Plazma Burst 2

Plazma Burst 2 is a sequel to the captivating free online game Plazma Burst with an all new game interface. It is a strategic, action packed slide scrolling shooter game whereby the player takes on the part of a Marine to try and save the planet from aliens. The player gets to look for the time machine and go back in time to forbid the arrival of thousands of disastrous alien usurpers. Equipped with heavy weaponry the soldier should smash through his/her enemies and make it out of each stage alive. The Plazma Burst 2 has both single player and multiplayer functionality enabling you to compete against your friends online. Plazma Burst 2 comes with additional features that make it more

interesting to play. They include new weaponry, triggers, characters and backgrounds, an impossible difficulty level for single players, team chat and an alterable game frame rate. Other improved features of this game are the bug fixes, an adaptation to OS X PCs, a New Progressed Level Editor that is in Beta state, increased optimizations, logical positioning of characters and rag-dolls in multiplayer mode and movable objects being presented as slopes for a capturing background. Players will also experience detailed information on errors and faster re-breeding in TDM mode with 4 players or less. The Plazma Burst 2 has seen the mouse wheel being fixed for recent browsers where it can be disabled and an extra option of Screen Effect Quality that renders full screen casualty indication. Common control keys for navigation include D, S, W and A keys while the mouse should be used to aim and shoot the opponents. The V key discharges your current artillery while pressing Q enables you get your previous arm; G lets you pick grenades while E lets you make use of the weaponry. The number keys help with direct switching between arms as the mouse browses through them. All in all the Plazma Burst 2 is an interesting game to indulge in and make new friends as you maneuver your way in time to change history and bring a better life back to Earth.

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